Beginner’s Mind Goes to the Park: Spring

Eyes on the roadOne of my primary ways of getting exercise is walking. I’m working my way up to averaging 6,000 steps a day. I walk through this park most days, and that is to improve my physical health. But sometimes, I stop walking and I look around, and that is for my mental health.

I’ve never spent much time learning the names of trees and plants. So it’s pretty easy for me to pull the trick of seeing things again for the first time when I’m observing nature. Lately, I’ve begun to take pictures as I walk as a way of watching the park go through the seasons.

Carpet of green

We are saying goodbye to a fairly soggy winter here in the Pacific Northwest. I have been enjoying the transition to Spring.

It can sneak up on you if you aren’t looking for it. Flowers are hiding everywhere.

I love the way Dogwood flowers catch the sunlight. They seem to glow with their own light.

Many of the big pine trees have developed friendships. It’s nice to think that even trees like to have someone to hang out with.

Tree Buddies

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