Evergreen Century Health Initiative: A Community Health Platform

Problem: We continue to improve the ability to treat disease and dysfunction (to prolong life) but struggle to help the population avoid disease and dysfunction (to maintain health). This initiative uplifts health-maintaining lifestyle factors.

Mission: To provide a health-centered social platform for individual and community level empowerment with the goal of the healthiest possible experience of our likely 100+ year lifespan.

Principal Concepts:

  • Small changes made slowly can have a lasting impact on health with a minimum of disruption, making it easier to maintain changes over time.
  • Community is fundamental to lasting health-style change both as a vehicle for connection and support and as a provider of viral nudges to encourage participation.
  • Data is necessary to advocate for change. Allowing for the transparent collection and sharing of user-generated data empowers people to advocate for change in their communities.

Aspects of Total Health:

  • Community Connections
  • Personal Sense of Mission and Agency
  • Mindfulness and Coping Skills
  • Addiction Avoidance
  • Healthy Diet
  • Physical Fitness
  • Safety

Social Platform Characteristics

  • Communities by school district
  • User profiles
  • Teams by interest
  • Gamification at individual and group levels to set goals and celebrate achievements
  • Forums and threads to allow for sharing ideas and coordinating activities
  • Access to community-level data for advocacy projects

Concept Designer Bio:

I have spent the last ten years working in engagement marketing and demand generation while successfully implementing small changes over time to improve my total health.

I’m Debra J. Moskyok, and I welcome your interest, feedback, and questions.

Now seeking sponsors, interested organizations, and app designers.

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