Building a healthy lifestyle one habit at a time

If you’re struggling to fit healthy lifestyle changes into your life, I want to help. I want you to know that you’re not alone. You don’t have to give up hope on getting healthier just because you’ve struggled in the past.

This place is a shame-free space to explore how we can take manageable steps toward a healthy lifestyle. For people who have participated in groups I’ve facilitated, this is a place to share tips, ask for help, and celebrate successes with our growing group of slow health fans. But don’t worry if you’ve never attended a group before. If you’ve found us by searching for a solution to your healthy lifestyle struggles, welcome to a new way of thinking about taking care of yourself.


What if I told you that you could get better by letting go of being the best? Have you ever gone all in on a new diet or exercise plan only to have trouble sticking with the changes? If that trouble has led you to doubt your ability to get healthy, I want to show you a different way of looking at change. That’s why I’ve created this blog because adopting a healthy lifestyle doesn’t have to be impossible.

Of course, I wouldn’t say that change is easy, either. There is still work to do. It’s just that you’ll be changing the way you look at the process of getting healthier. Letting go of those old frames of reference can be difficult. But, if you can let go, you can see progress in a whole new way. Real health isn’t about becoming perfectly healthy overnight; it’s about the deliberate adoption of small behaviors over time. Adding those habits over time will lead to a happier, healthier new you. And, it will happen in a way that won’t feel impossible to maintain. I can’t promise that you’ll get to the exact number on the scale you dream of, but you will make progress. And you may find, that wherever you end up with these healthy habits in place is excellent.

Build your own healthy lifestyle

If this sounds good to you, I hope you stick around. I’ll be sharing what I’ve learned about getting healthy. I’ll also let you in on tips and ideas other people I’ve worked with have used to build healthy habits because what will work for you will always be ultimately unique to you.

If you would be interested in setting up a healthy habits support group in your area, contact me here. I’d also be happy to let you know about existing groups in your area. I can’t overemphasize the importance of having a support network when you’re trying to get healthier.